Behind the Music

I have always had a passion for music and started playing music when I was 5 years old. This passion is deeply rooted in both sides of my family. I fondly remember when I was 9 years old, my Uncle Donald sat me down and started teaching me notes on the guitar. From that point on, any time he played, or I saw a band play, I was glued to the front of the stage. At the age of 9, I received my first drum set as a gift from my Dad. That was the beginning of my career as a drummer.  I have since played drums for various bands over the years. Recently, I made the decision, with the support of friends and family, to step out of my comfort zone from behind the drums and start performing as a singer/songwriter. I wrote my first song in 1987 called "Something Inside."  I never believed that I would continue to write. I have written many songs over the years which has led me to realize that my passion lies in writing as well as performing.

I met my wife Teresa "T" in 1992 and we have 2 great children. I have to say, they are my inspiration today.